Our Whiskey Barrel-Aged Michigan Maple Syrup has a rich Amber tone, not too light and not too dark. We start with pure Michigan Maple Syrup and age it in used whiskey barrels until it peaks at just the right flavor. As the syrup ages in the barrel, it draws out the flavors that linger in the saturated wooden walls of the barrel. The flavor that develops offers notes of vanilla with a hint of oak. The barrels are aged long enough to get the full effect of the aging process. When you open the bottle, there will be a whiff of whiskey, but be assured it is alcohol-free and kid-friendly! Any alcohol that may have been absorbed during the aging process cooks off while we process it for bottling. 


Our Michigan Maple Syrup is a Single Forest Syrup, which means all the syrup comes from the same set of trees every single time. 

Whiskey Barrel Aged Michigan Maple Syrup by Thornburg & Co.

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